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Letters from Sevda: My Peru Itinerary

3 days ago I turned 21 which is just crazy and time has been flying ever since spring. I spent the day in Paris with my family and had a hectic but great time over there. Right now, I am in Istanbul and checking in to update you on a recent travel adventure: Peru. Me any my sister went to Peru for three weeks during May and explored the beautiful Peruvian landscapes, the local cuisine and experienced the culture first…

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Beauty 101: Traveling Essentials and Tips

I’m a complete beauty addict. I love how make up can make you feel more powerful and confident or even transform your entire look. So, I decided to create an article series devoted to this topic called Beauty 101. I am going to cover the basics and share interesting tips and tricks. Traveling often seems to get in the way of my regular skincare and beauty routine and I used to struggle with breakouts and clogged pores during trips. To avoid this and…

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Thailand Travel Diary: The South

It’s time to share the second part of my Thailand journey on here. After we stayed in the north for half a month we continued southwards by taking a night train to Phuket. Once we arrived down there, we planned which islands we wanted to see and which activities we simply couldn’t miss. In the end we settled on snorkling, kayaking and even cliff jumping (Yes, we literally jumped off a cliff and it was super scary and thrilling) and basically…

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