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Peru Travel Diary: Machu Picchu

A highlight of our trip to Peru was definitely exploring the Machu Picchu ruins. They are part of a highly sophisticated ancient Incan city located in the midst of mountains at an altitude of 2340 m above the sea level.There are two mountains directly surrounding the ruins. Montaña Picchu is the higher mountain while Huayna Picchu is more famous since it is often pictured in the background of photos. We decided to hike up Montaña Picchu while we were there, which…

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Peru Travel Diary: Arequipa & Cusco

It is finally time to share some of my impressions from the Peru trip I took with my sister. This is the second post in my ‘Peru Travel’-series following our adventures and showing the different places we visited. The first post in the series showed our itinerary and gives a more general look at our trip. For this post, I decided to write about the cities Arequipa and Cusco because we stayed in these places for the longest time and got…

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Letters from Sevda: My Peru Itinerary

3 days ago I turned 21 which is just crazy and time has been flying ever since spring. I spent the day in Paris with my family and had a hectic but great time over there. Right now, I am in Istanbul and checking in to update you on a recent travel adventure: Peru. Me any my sister went to Peru for three weeks during May and explored the beautiful Peruvian landscapes, the local cuisine and experienced the culture first…

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