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My Winter Style Uniform

If you see me walking around during the winter months there is a great chance you’ll find me wearing a variation of a high-waisted pant with a turtleneck sweater. I like to call this my winter style uniform as it is my go-to look that combines much-needed warmth with effortless style. This could include anything from a high-waisted mom-jean to loose Palazzo pants and from fitted thin sweaters to oversized turtlenecks. For me, this combination always works and is great…

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DIY: The Get Down Inspired Denim Jacket

Can I just say that I might have found a new favourite show to binge watch. I am talking about ‘The Get Down’, a Netflix Original that offers me some seriously amazing 70’s fashion moments. ‘The Get Down’ focuses on a group of teenagers that live in New York in the late 1970’s. Being surrounded by poverty and violence in the Bronx they are creating their own creative outlet and experience the early beginnings of the Hip Hop genre. The show offers…

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DIY: Woven Basket Satchel

I’m in love with basket bags. This spring they have been emerging as a must have statement piece. They add a particular lightness and interesting detail to a look that screams spring or summer. Check out the following post from WhoWhatWear if you are still not convinced. I couldn’t get my hands on one so I decided to go for it and make my own. It wasn’t my easiest DIY project but it was definitely fun to try out something new.…

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DIY: Lace Up Flats

This season’s it piece is clearly the lace up flat. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of gorgeous lace up flats don’t fret. I’ve got a little DIY to show you how to make your own pair and it is really easy. You only need a few very simple materials and a pair of flats to create these. Read on to find out how to make them. What you’ll need: a punchtool 2 leather strings or shoe…

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