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Letters From Sevda: August

Another month flew by and I am so sad to see that summer is almost over. That’s why I am trying to enjoy as much sun as possible. And what better way to get some vitamin D  than to check off some points from my 30 in 365 days challenge? The year is almost over and I am still trying to check off as many of my 30 goals as possible. This month I volunteered. Giving back is so important…

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Letters From Sevda: July

I turned 20 this month! This is superexciting, yet scary. Lately, it’s been feeling like time flies by and here I am, yet another year older. This month hasn’t been too eventfull, still, I tried to make the most of it and combined with my 20th birthday, it turned out pretty great after all. I was able to check off two new points from my 30in365 list: First I celebrated my birthday together with my closest friends. I had a…

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Thailand Travel Diary: The South

It’s time to share the second part of my Thailand journey on here. After we stayed in the north for half a month we continued southwards by taking a night train to Phuket. Once we arrived down there, we planned which islands we wanted to see and which activities we simply couldn’t miss. In the end we settled on snorkling, kayaking and even cliff jumping (Yes, we literally jumped off a cliff and it was super scary and thrilling) and basically…

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Letters From Sevda: February

Letters from Sevda is a feature in which I write down my current thoughts and reach out to you in a more personal way. I want to take you along with me on this journey I am on.  Another month just passed, so it’s time for another update on my 30 in 365 list. This time I’ll be talking about last January. Last month I tackled 3 new goals on the list. Read on to find out what I have done…

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Why Fall Is the Season For Fashion

Autumn, also known as fall  is the transitional season between summer and winter. It is often associated with melancholy since the leaves are turning brown, the weather gets chillier and cuddling up with a cup of hot chocolate becomes even more tempting then it usually is. Let me tell you how I feel about this season: I simply adore it! Fall is actually my favourite season and even though summer is warm and nice, fall just has a completely different…

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