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Caught Up In The Moment

Lately, I’ve been caught up in the hecticness of everyday life. It’s been a while since I have taken a moment to write or take care of myself both mentally and physically. After a foot injury this summer I had difficulties working out or being active at all and completely let go of my healthy routines such as workouts. This combined with all of the temptations of food while travelling has led me to just kind of give up on…

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The Smart Guide To Healthy Eating: Homemade Date Bars

Ever have those days, when you’re craving something sweet, yet you don’t want to completely ruin your diet with all the common store options? If you’re anything like me the answer probably is all the time. That’s why I played around with what I had at home and created these guilt free, delicious, no bake date bars. You only need three ingredients and 5 minutes to make them and let me tell you, they are worth it. They can easily…

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