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DIY: Tassel Clutch

  It’s been a while since I DIYed accessories, so I was super motivated to create something I could wear out. I was inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Tassel bag and decided that I could create a similar look without breaking the bank.  It literally took me 15 minutes to spice up my old clutch and I will be wearing my new piece way more often from now on. So it was totally worth it! Read on to find…

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DIY: Hanging Coconut Planter

Recently I have been inspired by my trip to Thailand when it comes to food or decoration. And since we basically ate coconuts with everything all the time, I simply had to use some left over shells for a DIY. I decided on this cute little hanging planter because, I mean, what room can’t use more adorable plants? So here’s the scoop on how to recreate this raw hanging coconut shell planter in no time: What you’ll need: Half a…

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