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Canadian Tuxedo- How To Find Good Vintage Pieces

I’m always on the lookout to find sustainable shopping options. There are a lot of sustainable brands out there that design beautiful pieces. However, they often come with a higher price because of the materials used. I understand that the production process is more complex and that workers are often paid more which I whole-heartedly support. However, as a student with limited funds it can be difficult to be sustainable on a budget.That’s why I have been really enjoying shopping…

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Denim Situation

This summer has been good to me. From spending time with my family to travelling to Portugal last month, there were so many little moments that fill me with joy. However, I am excited about fall arriving. The leaves have started changing their colours¬†here in Germany and the weather is getting chillier. It’s my favourite season and I’m looking foward to seeing this year’s fall fashion and the beautiful changes in nature. In today’s post I am wearing a simple…

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