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DIY: Mixed And Matched Jewelry Stand

I’ve been on the lookout for a good jewelry stand to display some of my pieces for a while now. My necklaces and ¬†earrings seemed to tangle up inside my old jewelry box all the time, but since I couldn’t find any jewelry display I particularly liked, I decided to make my own mixed and matched jewelry stand. To do so, I went to a local second hand shop and found these creme colored plates with gold details and the…

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DIY: Hanging Coconut Planter

Recently I have been inspired by my trip to Thailand when it comes to food or decoration. And since we basically ate coconuts with everything all the time, I simply had to use some left over shells for a DIY. I decided on this cute little hanging planter because, I mean, what room can’t use more adorable plants? So here’s the scoop on how to recreate this raw hanging coconut shell planter in no time: What you’ll need: Half a…

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