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Beauty 101: The Best Dry Skin Remedies

Cold weather always makes me fret. This time of the year brings back one of my worst skin problems: dry skin. The dry air and heater make my skin patchy and rough. It takes some very intensive products to give back and lock in that moisture. That’s why I compiled a list of the best products for dry skin based on my skincare routine. These deep moisturising products will keep your skin soft this winter season without breaking the bank.…

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Beauty 101: A Classic Holiday Red Lip

I am officially getting into the festive spirit and this year I am doing all the cliché activities: From attempting to build a gingerbread house and going ice skating with friends and family to decorating our Christmas tree. I already have my fairy lights scattered all over the place and I am absolutely loving it. So, why not keep it just as classic with my holiday makeup this season? To do so, I decided to go for a classic red lip…

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Beauty 101: DIY Eyebrow and Lash Serum

Eyebrows and lashes add definition to the face and can make a big difference in ones appearance. For all of you that lack in this department I am presenting you with an Eyebrow and Lash Growth Serum that aids with hair growth and helps you achieve healthier and thicker hair. Read on to find out how to make your eyebrows and lashes grow fuller faster. What you’ll need: Castor Oil/ Ricinus Oil Coconut Oil Ozonated Olive Oil 1 Aloe Vera…

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Beauty 101: My Olaplex Experience

Two weeks ago I took a huge step: I got my hair dyed for the first time. The result is a summery ombré look that looks very natural. Before I got it dyed, it had been quite dry and some split ends were starting to show. Since I was scared of further hair breakage, I was looking for a way to change my hair colour without damaging my hair too much. That’s how I stumbled upon Olaplex and the amazing before and…

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Beauty 101: Traveling Essentials and Tips

I’m a complete beauty addict. I love how make up can make you feel more powerful and confident or even transform your entire look. So, I decided to create an article series devoted to this topic called Beauty 101. I am going to cover the basics and share interesting tips and tricks. Traveling often seems to get in the way of my regular skincare and beauty routine and I used to struggle with breakouts and clogged pores during trips. To avoid this and…

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