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Letters From Sevda: November- Saying Thank You

It’s crazy how time flew! One year ago I decided to make some changes to grow further and realise the goals I had been too afraid to tackle. One entire year ago I thought about what thirty goals I wanted to achieve. A whole year flew by without me noticing and here I am one year later. So much has changed yet so little has changed. I want to use today as a chance to look back on what I…

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Letters From Sevda: August

Another month flew by and I am so sad to see that summer is almost over. That’s why I am trying to enjoy as much sun as possible. And what better way to get some vitamin D  than to check off some points from my 30 in 365 days challenge? The year is almost over and I am still trying to check off as many of my 30 goals as possible. This month I volunteered. Giving back is so important…

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Letters From Sevda: July

I turned 20 this month! This is superexciting, yet scary. Lately, it’s been feeling like time flies by and here I am, yet another year older. This month hasn’t been too eventfull, still, I tried to make the most of it and combined with my 20th birthday, it turned out pretty great after all. I was able to check off two new points from my 30in365 list: First I celebrated my birthday together with my closest friends. I had a…

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Letters From Sevda: February

Letters from Sevda is a feature in which I write down my current thoughts and reach out to you in a more personal way. I want to take you along with me on this journey I am on.  Another month just passed, so it’s time for another update on my 30 in 365 list. This time I’ll be talking about last January. Last month I tackled 3 new goals on the list. Read on to find out what I have done…

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