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DIY: Coffee Scrub

Lately I’ve been feeling like my skin is getting a lot drier becaue of the chilly temperatures here in Germany. That’s why I have been looking at ways to reenergize my skin to give it that healthy glow along with the substantial moisture it needs. Since I am a huge fan of the Frank Coffee Scrub I thought that it would be a good idea to order another package. But why spend so much money on so little product when…

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Letters From Sevda: November

Letters from Sevda is a feature in which I write down my current thoughts and reach out to you in a more personal way. I want to take you along with me on this journey I am on.  I feel like I am at a point where my life is just stagnating right now. I want to move forward but am not sure of how to do so. I struggle to try the next step because I am afraid of…

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Istanbul Travel Diary

This month I got the opportunity to visit one of my favourite cities: Istanbul. I always like to describe it as a clash of tradition and modern culture. The city is absolutely stunning and versatile in every possible way. It is a large city that varies depending on where you go. During my two week stay I once more explored the beautiful corners of this huge city. My favourite parts of the city were the following: Kadiköy, which is a…

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Monday Mania: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Excercising Routine

Recently I just got really bored with what my Workout Routine was like. So I took the time to think about ways to improve it and just spice it up! Here are my 5 tips: 1. Use A Motivational Playlist It doesn’t matter whether this means a lot of rock songs, the newest pop hits or some oldies. As long as the songs get your mood up and make you want to move that butt anything is good. I like to…

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DIY: Sleeping Mask

I’ve been thinking about making a sleeping mask for some time now and today I finally decided to pull through with the idea. Sleeping masks just make me feel like a real lady… or Holly Golightly. Either way I love the effect and since there is so much light at night during the summer a sleeping mask is a good idea to help me get my beauty sleep. Here is a short tutorial on how I made mine. What you…

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