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The Smart Guide To Healthy Eating: Homemade Date Bars

Ever have those days, when you’re craving something sweet, yet you don’t want to completely ruin your diet with all the common store options? If you’re anything like me the answer probably is all the time. That’s why I played around with what I had at home and created these guilt free, delicious, no bake date bars. You only need three ingredients and 5 minutes to make them and let me tell you, they are worth it. They can easily…

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The Smart Guide To Healthy Eating: 5 Fast Breakfast Ideas

As always I am trying to combine my love for food with my love for a healthy lifestyle. That is exactly how I came up with these breakfast options. Whether you crave something sweet in the morning or are a lover of the savory options I’ve got you covered. Read on to find 5 easy and most importantly fast breakfast options that won’t break the bank while nourishing and energizing you for the day you have ahead of you. 1.…

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The Smart Guide To Healthy Eating: Strawberry Banana Popsicles

I am just going to start by saying that I am obsessed. Completely obsessed. With what you ask? Well, obviously with popsicles. I just got my new popsicle molds and I have been loving them. They have exactly the right size and look really, really cute. The recipe that I’m writing about is actually the first variation of many to come. I fell in love with the combination of strawberries, banana and yogurt immediately. So, I just had to write…

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DIY: Coffee Scrub

Lately I’ve been feeling like my skin is getting a lot drier becaue of the chilly temperatures here in Germany. That’s why I have been looking at ways to reenergize my skin to give it that healthy glow along with the substantial moisture it needs. Since I am a huge fan of the Frank Coffee Scrub I thought that it would be a good idea to order another package. But why spend so much money on so little product when…

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DIY: Sleeping Mask

I’ve been thinking about making a sleeping mask for some time now and today I finally decided to pull through with the idea. Sleeping masks just make me feel like a real lady… or Holly Golightly. Either way I love the effect and since there is so much light at night during the summer a sleeping mask is a good idea to help me get my beauty sleep. Here is a short tutorial on how I made mine. What you…

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