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Dorm Room DIY: Washi Tape Picture Frames

Decorating your dorm room in a way that is creative, personal and unique and yet is in line with your dorm’s rules can be quite a challenge. Last year when I started my college life I took it upon me to find out how to personalize my room and make it feel like a home away from home. In the first article of the Dorm Room DIY series I want to show you how to make wall art out of Washi Tape…

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DIY: Sleeping Mask

I’ve been thinking about making a sleeping mask for some time now and today I finally decided to pull through with the idea. Sleeping masks just make me feel like a real lady… or Holly Golightly. Either way I love the effect and since there is so much light at night during the summer a sleeping mask is a good idea to help me get my beauty sleep. Here is a short tutorial on how I made mine. What you…

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DIY: Wire Word Frame

I simply love to work with wire and since I still had an empty picture frame I was inspired to create this little DIY. It only consists of four easy steps, yet looks classy and adds that special something to any room. Continue reading to find out how to make this word wire frame.   What You Will Need Wire (depending on the word you choose the length varies strongly) A pair of forceps White cardboard (optional, if you want…

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