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Canadian Tuxedo- How To Find Good Vintage Pieces

I’m always on the lookout to find sustainable shopping options. There are a lot of sustainable brands out there that design beautiful pieces. However, they often come with a higher price because of the materials used. I understand that the production process is more complex and that workers are often paid more which I whole-heartedly support. However, as a student with limited funds it can be difficult to be sustainable on a budget.That’s why I have been really enjoying shopping vintage items. My favourite vintage items are probably denim pieces and outerwear. I like the used aesthetic of vintage denim and think that an interesting jacket can save almost any outfit. Also it feels nice to wear pieces that feel more unique.

It is best to try on items in-store as sizes on older pieces often vary from today’s standard sizing. Finding the right stores can be difficult though. What I have struggled with in London is that the popular vintage stores such as Beyond Retro often offer items at a higher price point as they are well recognised and many people shop there.

My solution: Shop at local markets and online. The Broadway market in Hackney features a vintage stall called broadway Vintage that sells vintage items at a much more affordable price point and always includes a selection of popular brands such as Levi’s, Lee’s or Adidas and many more unique pieces. The other option I have used in the past is scouring eBay for Vintage. There are well established vintage shops from the UK that sell a large selection of products online and have good return policies. Make sure to read the description carefully for sizing and any signs of wear. I have not had bad experiences while vintage shopping on eBay yet so I’d highly recommend it.


Top- Topshop, Jacket- Thrifted (similar here), Jeans- Vintage Levi’s (similar here), Shoes- Adidas

For this post I combined two denim pieces that I have been wearing all the time lately. The jeans are from Levi’s and I found them for a very affordable price on eBay and the jacket is unbranded. It is 3 sizes larger than what I usually wear but I love the oversize fit. I usually wear the denim jacket open and roll up the sleeves for a bit more definition. To finish the outfit I wore a simple Bardot top in black and some pastel purple Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. The micro bag-pack is from Zara (and belongs to my sister hahaha). I like how simple this look is for a casual day.

Also my family got a little puppy two months ago. He is a Shiba and Pug mix and I already miss him.

Love, Sevda

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