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Looking Back at 2017

As the New Year begins it feels fitting to reflect on the last. A lot has happened in 2017 for me personally. There were many unlucky experiences including losing a lot of my possessions during transport while moving, getting a bad case of food poisoning during my vacation to Indonesia and many more small things. However, I am grateful to have experienced them because in a way I grew from them and learned about what truly matters. Instead of putting value into objects I truly realized, what my parents had been teaching us all our lives, that money, jobs, possessions they all come and go and they are not what truly matters in life. It is the people we love and choose to share our lives with, the health we are so privileged to have and the experiences we make.

I am grateful for so many experiences from last year. I got to travel more than ever before with 24 flights in the last twelve months: I visited beautiful places like Indonesia, France, Italy, Switzerland and more and enjoyed the various cultures and countries so so much.

For the next year, I am not writing up many resolutions because I am not sure that I believe in those. However, I do wish to pursue my goals further and to grow more personally and professionally. My only resolution this year is to fully appreciate the previously mentioned positive aspects of my life and to pursue these further in whatever way possible.

Coat- H&M (similar here), Pants- Mango, Shoes- Reebok

The look I chose for this post is just a really comfortable outfit that includes some fun contrasts. I wore my high-waisted pants from Mango with a simple black top, my Reebok sneakers and a checked grey coat from H&M. To make t more interesting I simply added red lipstick and put my hair in a messy bun.

I hope that you’ll fulfil all your resolutions and turn 2018 into a year full of love and positivity. Have a wonderful new year,


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