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Peru Travel Diary: Machu Picchu

A highlight of our trip to Peru was definitely exploring the Machu Picchu ruins. They are part of a highly sophisticated ancient Incan city located in the midst of mountains at an altitude of 2340 m above the sea level.There are two mountains directly surrounding the ruins. Montaña Picchu is the higher mountain while Huayna Picchu is more famous since it is often pictured in the background of photos. We decided to hike up Montaña Picchu while we were there, which turned out to be a really great idea.

Here are our impressions from Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu Travel Diary


Machu Picchu Travel Diary

Machu Picchu Travel Diary

Machu Picchu Travel DiaryDress- Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Sneakers- Nike

The hike was quite exhausting because of the extreme altitude, however, we had prepared beforehand by having peanuts and raisins, enough water and an electrolyte-rich sports drink with us as well as wearing comfortable exercise shoes. The hike up took us a bit longer than an hour and the hike down was fairly quick (around half an hour). The view on top is exhilarating because you are above the clouds and have a unique view of the entire valley. From the top of Montaña Picchu, you can actually clearly look down on both Huayna Picchu as well as the ruins (you can clearly see them below)  and the surrounding mountain landscape. Therefore, I definitely recommend booking the Montaña ticket with your Machu Picchu entrance ticket well in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on the experience.

I hope you get inspired!
XO, Sevda

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