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Letters from Sevda: To New Beginnings

Exciting news: I moved to London to study a fashion business degree and I am beyond excited.

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of getting lost, running around like crazy and trying to take in as many impressions as possible.There is so much to explore and do that it can be a bit overwhelming at times but finally, I feel like I have settled in or rather gotten used to the fast pace.

Getting out of your comfort zone is such an important part of personal growth and development which is why it is so essential to try new things and dive into adventures without overthinking. This is something I have learned for myself  and struggled with a lot in the past. Especially, studying fashion has always seemed like a big risk to me, however, now that I am here and emerged in all thinks fashion business I feel like it was definitely the right choice for me. This has always been a dream of mine and I am finally on my way to realising it. As always  I’ll keep you updated!


Coat- Hallhuber, Pants- Zara, Shoes- Adidas, Bag- Mango

Get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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