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Letters From Sevda: August

Another month flew by and I am so sad to see that summer is almost over. That’s why I am trying to enjoy as much sun as possible. And what better way to get some vitamin D  than to check off some points from my 30 in 365 days challenge? The year is almost over and I am still trying to check off as many of my 30 goals as possible.

This month I volunteered. Giving back is so important and makes you feel more content with not only yourself but with life itself. I also attended an open air screening of a movie together with my family. It was so nice to enjoy a movie outside under the starlight (It  makes me feel all sentimental). The last item I got to cross off was watching a fireworks show, which I did very recently. A couple of my closest friends visited me in Hannover and we went to watch it all together. You can watch an outtake here on my Instagram.

Only a few items left and only a few months left, let’s see how far I can get.

  1. Do Volunteer Work
  2. Get Accepted To The University Of My Choice
  3. Get A Polaroid Camera
  4. Spend Hours In An Old Book Shop Exploring
  5. Attend An Open Air Movie Screening Of A Movie
  6. Achieve My Fitness and Health Goals
  7. Watch A Musical/Ballet
  8. Celebrate My 20th Birthday
  9. Write A Letter To Myself To Open In 365 Days
  10. Visit Paris Again
  11. Learn To Make Proper Crepes
  12. Watch The Sunrise And Set In The Same Day
  13. Admit That I Was Wrong About Something
  14. Get A Meaningful Tattoo
  15. Adopt A Dog
  16. Pay Off All My Debts
  17. Design Clothes For Myself
  18. Swim with Dolphins
  19. Read A Book In Spanish/French/Turkish
  20. Go To A Concert
  21. Go On A Roadtrip
  22. Take A Class (Language, Art)
  23. Try A New Recipe Each Month
  24. Visit Another Continent
  25. Kiss Someone In The Rain
  26. Watch A Meteor Shower/Fireworks Show
  27. Learn How To Skip A Stone Across A Lake
  28. Leave An Inspirational Note Inside A Book For Someone To Find
  29. Make A Wish When Seeing A Shooting Star
  30. Make Money By Doing Something I Truly Love

Get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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  • Reply Hanna August 25, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    I love the picture. It’s so tumblr somehow! I also started my own dayzeroproject and it’s great to see how other’s are doing. Congrats on getting so far ahead with your goals. Compared to me you’re doing so great.
    And great blog. Hoping to see more of you, soon!

    Love. Hanna

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