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DIY: Pearl Cat Ear Headband

As you know I love a good DIY; but what I love even more is saving money in the process. I made this Cat Ear Headband from scratch without having to purchase a single item. It turned out so cute and even though the headband might not be suitable to wear every day, these pearl cat ears would be so cute for special occasions like partys. They are adorable and add a fun twist. I love the result. Here is the printable template for the cat ear shape.

Read on to find out how I made them!

What you’ll need:

  • A Piece Of Wire
  • A Headband
  • Some Felt
  • Pearls



Taking my wire I cut off two pieces of 10cm long wire and attached it to my headband by wiring it around the spots I wanted my cat ears to start. I shaped them into a cat ear and went on to the felt.



After cutting them into the shape,  I sewed the felt ears on by starting from the inside and finishing on the outside. It might take some time to attach them firmly, but you totally shouldn’t rush this step because it determines what your end product will look like. Once you’re done and have two black ear outlines on your headband, you can decorate them as you like. I went with 7 white pearls on each ear, which I also attached by sewing them on tightly. Here is the end product:




Super easy, right?

Well, get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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