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Letters From Sevda: May

Letters from Sevda is a feature in which I write down my current thoughts and reach out to you in a more personal way. I want to take you along with me on this journey I am on.

April and May have been very eventfull so far. I travelled to Thailand with my older sister and am touring the entire country right now. Currently, I am in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai to be precise. It is beautiful here and oh so different from what I am used to in Germany. I will write more about Thailand once I finish this trip and find the time to upload some of the beautiful pictures we have taken. Read on to find out what I crossed off of my list this month.

  1. Do Volunteer Work
  2. Get Accepted To The University Of My Choice
  3. Get A Polaroid Camera
  4. Spend Hours In An Old Book Shop Exploring
  5. Attend An Open Air Movie Screening Of A Movie
  6. Achieve My Fitness and Health Goals
  7. Watch A Musical/Ballet
  8. Celebrate My 20th Birthday
  9. Write A Letter To Myself To Open In 365 Days
  10. Visit Paris Again (Maybe Disneyland?)
  11. Learn To Make Proper Crepes
  12. Watch The Sunrise And Set In The Same Day
  13. Admit That I Was Wrong About Something
  14. Get A Meaningful Tattoo
  15. Adopt A Dog
  16. Pay Off All My Debts
  17. Design Clothes For Myself
  18. Swim with Dolphins
  19. Read A Book In Spanish/French/Turkish
  20. Go To A Concert
  21. Go On A Roadtrip
  22. Take A Class (Language, Art)
  23. Try A New Recipe Each Month
  24. Visit Another Continent
  25. Kiss In The Rain
  26. Watch A Meteor Shower
  27. Learn How To Skip A Stone Across A Lake
  28. Leave An Inspirational Note Inside A Book For Someone To Find
  29. Make A Wish When Seeing A Shooting Star
  30. Make Money By Doing Something I Truly Love

We watched the sunset here and waited for the sunrise above the mountains while we were on a trekking tour through Maeng Tae jungle region. I alo continued to try new foods and got inspired to try the recipes on my own. The Thai cuisine has so much to offer and I am beyond excited to include some of my finds on here and in my everyday life. Furthermore, obviously, I can now cross off visiting another continent through my travels to Thailand. Make sure to stay tuned for my travel diaries of the Chiang Mai region and the southern islands of Thailand.

Get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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