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DIY: Kitten Flowerpot

Since Spring is about to start I have been gardening a bit. One of the plants I have been planting is this adorable strawberry plant. But I only had simple white flowerpots at home so I decided to change them up a bit. That’ how I got the idea for this cute Kitten Flowerpot DIY that is super easy to recreate and will brighten up any place.


Kitten Flowerpot DIY_ What you will needWhat you’ll need:
1. A Plain White Planter
2. Washi Tape
3. A Black Waterproof Marker
4. A Small Piece Of Patterned Cardboard
5. Two Toothpicks Or Any Kind Of Small Sticks


First I traced two triangles on to the cardboard to create the cat ears. I, then, cut these out and attached them to the toothpicks with regular tape. The ears should look something like this:


Next, I took the washi tape and covered the top of the pot with it. This step is optional but it makes the entire project just so much cuter.


Now, you can just go ahead and stick the toothpicks into the soil of the plant. Just place them as you like it. Just make sure that the placement fits the size of the pot.


The last step is also the one where you can personalize the flowerpot the most. Just take you marker and draw on the face of your choice. I chose to go with a simple yet cute look and only outlined the eyes and the nose for a minimalistic look. If you prefer you can of course add more details or go for a different concept entirely. It is as eay as that. Here is my end result:




I hoped that you like this easy DIY idea. Let me know if you try it.
Get inspired!

XO, Sevda 


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