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Beauty 101: Fighting Frizz

Since the weather is freezing in Hannover and the heater is almost always on, I have been seeing changes in my hair structure. I already have curly/wavy hair naturally which often leads to dryness and frizzy, pouffy hair. Because of the dry air my hair has become even drier and since I already do have dry hair this means frizzier. But there is a way to fight the static even for us dry haired gals and today I will show you how to.


1. Skip The Heat

This one may seem obvious but only becaue it is so, so important. If you simply can’t leave out the hot styling product like curling irons, try to not use a blowdryer as often. Instead let your hair air dry to keep its moisture.

2. Invest In Moisture

A quality hair oil and a moisturizing hair mask are all it takes to lock in the moisture in the colder months. There are also great natural organical alternatives for hair oil for your hair system, for example plain argan oil. These oils are my life saver, they tame my frizzy hair and add a nice natural shine.
Apply the oils mainly to the ends and to the mids of your hair if necessary to keep them from looking oily.

Another way to tame those fly aways on top of your hair is hair wax. I prefer a tiny bit of hair wax to hair spray, since hair spray can again leave your hair drier than before. When you use hair wax just go over the individual hair on top of your hair and tame them by adding a little weight through the wax.

3. Go Alcohol- Free

When you use products on your hair, be extra careful that none of them have alcohol in them. Jut take one extra minute to read through the ingredient list. If you use products that have alcohol in them, it will suck any moisture out of your hair leaving you with even frizzier and pouffier hair.


And that’s it! If you follow these three tips regularly you should be left with silky beautiful hair.
Get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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