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DIY: Black And Gold Globe


As clearly evident from my latest Current Obsessions Post About Globes I have a passion for all things related to them. Since I have been seeing a lot of beautiful globe designs for decoration lately, I decided to give it a shot myself. I wanted to create a minimalistic but statement making piece for my own home. What I came up with is this beautiful black and gold globe creation that I am absolutely obsessed with. Here’s how to make it:


What you’ll need:
1. A Globe
2. Black And Golden Paint (I used this golden paint which has a great shine to it without looking cheap and chalkboard paint in black to achieve a matte look for the rest of the globe)
3. Paint Brushes (The size and style are completely up to you)


I first went over the oceans with my black paint and covered them as completely and evenly as I could. A good way to do this is to start by applying the paint to the bigger parts that need to be painted first and go over the details later to create a precise look (Sorry to all the smaller islands that disappeared in the process).

Since the black color was still semi transparent I chose to go add another layer. To do so I let the first layer dry and then applied the paint where I wanted ore coverage.

I actually like the unevenness of the paint and played with the texture in applying different amounts of color to different areas. Because I used chalkboard paint my black color dried pretty quickly.


This is what the dried black paint should look like once you are done. Let it dry completely before applying your gold paint. Now simply fill in the spaces that are not black yet.

Again, if the coverage is not enough, let the paint dry and apply more paint afterwards so no borders or city names shine through. Repeat this process until you are happy with the result. This is what my final product looks like:



I hoped you like this quick DIY idea.
Get inspired!

XO, Sevda 


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    Hey, I love the idea!
    XO, Kiley

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