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DIY: Bejeweled Earjackets

Lately, there has been a new jewellery trend that has caught my attention. After ear cuffs, my newest obsession is ear jackets, which are a fabulous way to add some interesting details to your look. The crafter that I am, I tried to find a way to create my own DIY ear jackets and found a super easy and quick way to make bejewelled ear jackets.

What you’ll need:

  • Materials DIY EarcuffA Piece Of Wire
  • 8 Rhinestones With Holes
  • 2 Earstuds


1. Clip off a piece of 5 cm wire for your ear jacket.



2. Place the middle of this piece of wire around one of your ear studs and start wiring the wire tightly around it. I spun it 4 times around the back of my earring.



3. Take the two ends and wind them around each other until they reach a length of around 1,5cm.



4. You can take the wire of the ear stud now and put the wire through the holes in the rhinestones. ( I decided to put two rhinestones on each side for a total of 8 rhinestones on my ear jackets.)



5. Connect the two ends and wire them around each other to give the ear jacket  more stability. Go ahead and clip off any excess wire at the ends and you’re done. Do the same process once more, if you want to wear two matching ear jackets or simply leave it like this.

To wear the piece put on your ear stud first and put the ear jacket on from behind your ear. To secure it and make sure it stays in place, place the earring back on top of it.

earjackets bejewelled DIY 1

The great thing about it is that you can now combine this ear jacket with different ear studs to maximise it’s use. You can also repeat the same DIY using different materials like for example pearls instead of rhinestones. Here are some examples of how I am planning to wear mine:

earjackets bejewelled DIY 2



earjackets bejewelled DIY 3

I hope you liked this DIY. Get inspired!

XO, Sevda

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