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Istanbul Travel Diary

This month I got the opportunity to visit one of my favourite cities: Istanbul. I always like to describe it as a clash of tradition and modern culture. The city is absolutely stunning and versatile in every possible way. It is a large city that varies depending on where you go. During my two week stay I once more explored the beautiful corners of this huge city. My favourite parts of the city were the following:

Kadiköy, which is a very young and urban quarter in the asian part filled with cafes, restaurants and shopping opportunities. Kadiköy is as beautiful as many of the european parts of the city while it is not touristic at all. You will see a lot of young people walking the small streets here but also the old red trams which I find incredibly cute and basically just a lot of cute corners.

The blue mosque is also definitely worth visiting. A lot of the mosques are extremely impressive and offer a lot to see. So, be sure not miss out on this opportunity when visiting Istanbul. Istanbul’s most popular sights are also located close to the blue mosque.

The Spice Markets are also in my favourites list. I love the flair they have and the various smells that fill the air combined with the dim light simply make you feel good. While you are strolling through the market you can also try different delicacies which is of course always a plus.

The places I enjoyed the most were not only the typical touristic spots though and with the guidance of my cousin I walked the streets like a local (at least I felt that way, I probably still looked like a cliché tourist).

Here are some of my impressions from my visit to Istanbul:













I hope you enjoyed my little travel diary and get inspired!

XO Sevda






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