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Monday Mania: Layering Necklaces Made Easy

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the look of layered necklaces. My pinterest board is overflowing with pictures of boho-esque layered necklaces, so I decided to introduce you to the art of wearing multiple necklaces at once like a pro.

Before I go ahead and give you two examples here is what you should keep in mind when layering necklaces:

keep it simple (if your accessories are making a statement don’t go crazy with colours and volume for the rest of your outfit)
– if you are inexperienced and want to try it out because you are curious, use similar shades for the different necklaces
– another beginner’s tip: build a gradient with short dainty necklaces building up to longer more chunky pieces
two or more chunky necklaces can create to a statement collar (but be careful here, don’t go overboard!)
– multiple necklaces can be minimalistic if you keep the pendants simple or leave them out completely

Here are my two examples:

1. Girly With A Statement JPEG Image (237093)

JPEG Image (236803)

For this look I chose to go with a more daring ensemble. Instead of taking dainty necklaces and layering them (which also looks absolutely gorgeous), I paired a statement necklace with two girly golden necklaces. I love the smaller ones peek through underneath the chunkier necklace. My choice for the two smaller necklaces, with a ‘cute’ pendant and a deer pendant  is on the playful and dainty side which ads to the appeal of this look.

2. Boho VibesJPEG Image (237991)

Inspired by different boho looks I have seen during the last couple of weeks I wanted to recreate that relaxed vibe layered necklaces can have. I chose necklaces of different lengths and different colours and layered them on top of each other. To achieve a boho look try to incorporate necklaces with different coloured gems, pendants in the shape of feathers, eternity signs, coins or the hamsa sign like I did. Longer necklaces work really well and go perfectly with a simple loose white blouse.

Now, you know everything there is to know about the mystery of layered necklaces.

Get inspired!

XO Sevda

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