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Monday Mania: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Excercising Routine

Recently I just got really bored with what my Workout Routine was like. So I took the time to think about ways to improve it and just spice it up! Here are my 5 tips:

1. Use A Motivational Playlist

It doesn’t matter whether this means a lot of rock songs, the newest pop hits or some oldies. As long as the songs get your mood up and make you want to move that butt anything is good. I like to opt for more upbeat songs with a loud beat to keep me moving at a steady but also fast pace to keep my energy level up.

Here is my ultimate workout playlist for 2014.

2. Binge Watch Your Favourite Tv Show While Excercising

Ok, I am definitely guilty of this one, but sometimes (sometimes defintely means cardio training here) music is just not enough to keep me interested and motivated. In those moments I just play old episodes of Gossip Girl (guilty as charged!) and it keeps me right on that treadmill. Just don’t get too distracted, still put enough effort into your workout to make it count and don’t you dare just binge watch without the working out part!

My favourite shows for working out are:

‘Gossip Girl’ (obviously, I mean Serena’s legs are enough motivation), ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ (why was it cancelled???), ‘Awkward.’, I am loving ‘Faking It’ and most recently ‘Baby Daddy’.

3. Change Locations

A change of scenery can be all the difference you need. Especially in the summer it is so easy to switch it up, instead of going to the gym, why not run outside. You might even discover a new place. Or if you are bored of your home workouts, go sign up for a pilates class at your local gym.

4. Try Out Something Completely New

This is on the same note! Change up your routine! If you are looking for more than just a change of scenery though why not try something completely new? Take a pole dancing class, start skating, surfing or take a dance class. Anything that seems challenging but fascinates you. It is never too late to start something new and maybe discover a new passion. Challenge yourself and really try to achieve your fitness dreams. Always try to be your healthiest and overall best self.

5. Look Cute While Working Out

and invest in some quality excercise gear, because just the thought of switching into those cute clothes will raise your motivation. Feel better inside and outside! Here are my favourite picks for this season:

Workout favesYoga Pants, Hair wigs, Sweater, Sports Bra, Water Bottle


It’s time to step up my fitness game as well. Are you with me and are you going to try any of these tips?

Get inspired!

XO Sevda

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