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DIY: Sleeping Mask

IMG_7577 I’ve been thinking about making a sleeping mask for some time now and today I finally decided to pull through with the idea. Sleeping masks just make me feel like a real lady… or Holly Golightly. Either way I love the effect and since there is so much light at night during the summer a sleeping mask is a good idea to help me get my beauty sleep. Here is a short tutorial on how I made mine. What you will need IMG_7514

  • Fabric (I used a printed one and a silky white fabric) 2x 30cm2
  • A Rubber Band 30cm
  • A Pair of Scissors

1. Draw On and Cut Out The Pattern sleep-mask-printable-template   Place your two fabrics facing inside out on top of each other and pin them together. Print out the pattern and cut it out. Now trace your pattern on the fabric and cut it out but don’t forget to leave around 2cms as space for the seams. The fabrics should stay pinned together throughout this whole step! 2. Sew together the two parts IMG_7529 Still turned inside out, sew together both fabrics following the pattern you have traced on before. Importnat: don’t sew over the two marks on the sides of the mask, these should be open to be able to attach the string comfortably. 3. Put In The Filling IMG_7551 Once you are done sewing the two parts together, turn them inside out so you have the right side facing outside again and get some filling (anything with a similar texture to cotton wool should work). Carefully put inside the filling and evenly distribute it until you are happy with the amount of filling. 4. Cut out the fabric for the elastic IMG_7553   Take some more fabric to make the string. First go ahead and put the elastic around your head to measure the length, then go ahead and cut out a piece of fabric that has the length of the string plus 6-9cm more. The width should be around 5cm, just be sure it’s not too narrow making the process harder for you. 5. Sew Together the String Part IMG_7554 Turn the fabric inside out and pin it together now sew the two sides together and try to leave as little seam allowance as possible while still leaving enough space for it to be stable. 6. Attach The String To The Mask The last step!! Now turn the string inside out and put in the elastic, taking a pencil might help the whole process. Place the ends of the elastic in the two spaces that you left open on the sides of the mask and andstitch them on. You might want to go over the part more than once to ensure it stays stable, just don’t let the seams show too much! And voilá! Don’t you feel like going to bed early already? IMG_7581Get inspired! XO Sevda

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