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DIY: Wire Word Frame

IMG_7509 I simply love to work with wire and since I still had an empty picture frame I was inspired to create this little DIY. It only consists of four easy steps, yet looks classy and adds that special something to any room. Continue reading to find out how to make this word wire frame.


What You Will Need


  • Wire (depending on the word you choose the length varies strongly)
  • A pair of forceps
  • White cardboard (optional, if you want to put it into the frame)
  • An empty frame


1. Create a Pattern

Choose what word you are going for. This can either just be a simple word like ‘wanderer’ or ‘love’ or even a name (that way you can also use this DIY tutorial for a cute selfmade gift).

You can print out the word you want to write with your favourite font or just write it down like I did. (Keep in mind that there can be no spaces inbetween the letters so that you can shape your wire correctly).


Β 2. Shape Your Wire

Go ahead and trace the pattern you created before with the wire using your pair of forceps. Don’t forget to leave some wire on both sides to be able to fix it inside of the frame. Be careful with this step since it will define what your frame looks like in the end. It might take a fewΒ tries in the beginning but don’t get discouraged!


3. Create a Cardboard Frame (Optional)


Trace the inside of your frame onto cardboard to create an inner frame. I used this step to cover the screws of the frame. Draw an inner boarder on with equal distance to the outer borders and cut it out carefully.


4. Put The Parts Into Your Frame

Put the cardboard directly on the glass of your frame and carefully place your wire word on the cardboard. Clip off the ends of the wire to make it fit inside. Close the frame and you are done!




Are you going to try this DIY idea?


Get inspired!

XO Sevda

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